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 Thx for all..i am out

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PostSubject: Thx for all..i am out   Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:27 pm

Hello to the ones who are still active on this forum (karol, rolnick)
As you see, there were some changes (NOT decided and NOT made by me) so BA is officialy closed... even if nobody asked my opinion.
I want to say thank you for all the time we've spent toghether, i am happy i've met you, and i had a lot of fun playing with you. I don't want to take part in this new team, i will always remember me as a BA member, it was nice being admin and taking care of the BA forum and the BA severs...

I decide to leave the new team, but i will always be on xfire or msn , or on hook servers (after all i am the best shotgun hook player in the world lol! .. joking) so we will continue to talck and play toghether if u want.

take care, and thx again for all... cheers

P.S I am sure phil will take care of the new team very good, he is one of the best person i've met on quake, thx for all phil Very Happy u're my bro

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Thx for all..i am out
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