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 Q3A Noghost

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PostSubject: Q3A Noghost   Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:53 am

As you all know, Maverick's Noghost Mod is used by many clans for they own servers. ==>B.A<== servers used Noghost too, so if you want to make your own server, than this is a good mod:

Read this to understand more:

Noghost has a good client too, more used in rail servers (Fast&Slow too). It's a pk3 file, that you should put in your baseq3:
Download the client from this page
or this page:

1.unzip the files in this to your quake baseq3 folder.
2.start the game
3.open the console ( bring down the console by pressing the tilde key, to the left of 1. Looks like this - ~)

4. in console, type the following - /cg_enemymodel tankjr/pm (some players prefer keel, so keel/pm)
5. in console, type this now - /cg_enemycolors 2222
You can use what model you want, but many players use the heavy and big tankjr, or keel coz they are bigger and you can hear theyr steps better.
Most of players use green color for theyr enemys, so they put 2222 as color, but
you can use what color you want:
1 = red
2 = green
3 = yellow
4 = dark blue
5 = light blue
6 = purple/pink
7 = white
8 = black (I think)
The 4 numbers in /cg_enemycolors represent your enemy's body parts. so you can make it with many colors too.
You might have to exit and
restart your quake3 for these changes to take effect. Usually, you can just type /vid_restart in the console. If you are spec'ing a game, enemy models will not be shown. They will be shown as default. If you join a team and they are not showing, they should after you have been killed or you can press the TAB key. This should "force" them to show immediately. If they are still not showing, double check everything.

P.S : /cg_forcemodel doesn't have to be turned on for this to make it work.

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Q3A Noghost
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