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 Q3A Point Releases + SWITCH

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PostSubject: Q3A Point Releases + SWITCH   Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:24 pm

The Quake 3 Arena is almost 10 years old, and in all this years it was improved, even if the game remained always the same old quake. We are playing on the old 1.11 or 1.16 point releases, but there are many others (just like paks). The newest is Point Release 1.32.
If you have a different point release installed than the server you want to play in, than you can't join in. But if you download 1.32, and a programm called SWITCH, you can change your point releases in all the older versions each time you want to, and join all the servers you want.
To download the
Point Release 1.32 + SWITCH, go here :

http://www.quaketweaks.com/version.html <= you find other informations about q3a too, as weapons use
Please read the instructions, it's very easy, and very usefull.

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Q3A Point Releases + SWITCH
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